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Our London Technology Company provides TV mounting | Surround Sound System | Furniture & Designs Multi-Zone / Multi Room Audio | Full Home Theatre and Outdoor Installations.

Entertainment is the heart of your home

You work hard every day. Some of us work from home and some drive to their place of work. Which ever way you work, play time needs to be the best time, and a strong and solid entertainment setup is just what you need to unwind.

At ThirstyTech, we are passionate about the different technologies that comprise a satisfying setup. Not just the devices that deliver, but how it’s installed, how it looks and how convenient it is to use.

Here are the services we offer in supporting your entertainment needs

TV Mounting

Need a TV mounted? You can rely on us for a professional and safe installation every time.

Type Of Wall

Will the TV be mounted on drywall, shiplap, brick or ceramic tile? This will determine the type of screws required and whether studs can be detected for a safe and sturdy installation.

Source Of Content

Where does your viewing content come from? A cable box, Firestick, Chromecast or Blu-ray player. How will these devices connect to the TV? Where are these devices in relation to the TV.

Type Of Mount

Would you prefer the TV to hang flat like a picture? If mounted higher up above a fireplace – a mount that tilts downwards would help reduce glare. If the seating area is to the left or right of the TV, consider a full motion swivel bracket that can swing from side to side.

Wire Management

If you’ll have things like a game console, Blu-ray player or cable box connected to your TV, you’ll need to decide if you’ll want wires hidden or showing. Also you’ll need to consider power to the TV – is there an electrical outlet higher on the wall? If not, our technician can install an ESA approved power kit in your wall so that all cables can he hidden.

Surround Sound Systems

With the right size TV, you’ll enjoy great sound coming at you from many angles. With technology today, you have many options that can recreate a cinematic experience.

Sound Bar Systems

Sound bars a good option if you’re not ready to install wires around the room. In many cases you’ll want a bundled subwoofer to enhance the lower bass frequencies.

7.1 Surround Sound

Adding dimension to 5.1 Surround, 7.1 adds two more speakers, enabling you to have sound coming at you from the front, sides and behind you.

5.1 Surround Sound

Considered to be the most basic, this system still provides a thrilling cinematic experience, providing 3 speakers up front (Left, Centre, Right) and you choice of two other speakers to the side or behind (side/rear left, right). Completing the sound spectrum, a subwoofer for all of the neat low frequencies in sound effects and music.

Dolby Atmos Surround

In this format, sound is introduced at a 3D level. Ceiling speakers are added to deliver overhead sounds. I’m the case where your home cannot have speakers wires to the ceiling, there are speakers available that are designed to reflect off the ceiling to deliver the same experience.

Dedicated Home Theatre Installations

If you have a space that you can dedicate to a full home theatre, then you’re on the right website. Invite us over for a free consultation where we can present you with all the options, allowing you to create the home theatre of your dreams. Book a consultation today.

Furniture & Design

Most tech companies won’t deal with furniture and design, however at ThirstyTech, we firmly believe technology and how it looks is equally important. Not only are we a Valencia Seating dealer, we also have the expertise to help design an entirely new space for your entertainment with our professional and esteemed partners Ana Cole and Tacorn Construction. Book a consultation today.

Multi-zone / Multi-room Audio

Having a multi-zone audio system is like having a separate sound system in every room. From a smartphone, you can easily select your music source and which room(s) you want the music played. For versatitly, you can have other people controlling other music in different rooms, all from one App.

Book a consultation today.

Outdoor Entertainment

If you’ve created a living space in your backyard, we can integrate the perfect audio video solution on any budget. We can install underground subwoofer and even built a moon light outdoor theatre.

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